Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I've been keeping secrets. I hide things from you, from the person in the next room over and the person I take classes with. Every. Person.

And yet.

I feel so naked and exposed, even with my lips sealed shut.


  1. We are most beautiful when we are the most vulnerable.

  2. That’s because people never understand. Not really anyway. They judge the shell we show the world, why would they not judge what’s really inside. Sometimes it’s better to just suffer with secrets, then to be ridiculed for telling.

  3. we all do...secrets are wonderful, and covert, and ours alone...and one day, you will look into those eyes, and know that you MUST share ONE..TWO..MORE...until then, know that we all tuck them tightly away, sealed until our lips are ready to open and exchange the sweet breathe of another's...sometimes quickly, more often slowly...but certainly it shall happen, my friend, that I can promise you ;) Peace, hope you are well...I miss our little exchanges...Marjorie