Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In English class, there is a girl who supports Obama, but just because of his race. My friend asked her "Can I ask you why you support Obama?"
And the girl says "No."
Because she didn't know any of his views, any of his goals. It wasn't a matter of privacy, believe me. The girl says "I support Obama because we need change in the white house!" referring to his race.
And I wish I would have said "Change is not your ethnic background, it is what you have to offer." but I was too chicken to say anything.

Now, I didn't pay attention to this election as much as I should have, but honestly? Know your shit and back it up if you want to be convincing, don't be so capricious.


  1. Hah, I think you should've spoken up. Put her in her place. But it's good that you think like that, and not like her. People should seriously know what they're talking about, if they're gonna talk publicly about it.

  2. I had a girl who swore up and down that Obama was just like Hitler, and we're only setting ourselves up for another depression. This felt really wrong to me, and i wanted to respond, but like you said, i didn't really follow this election. So i had no right to tell her she was wrong because i didn't know my facts.

    I've always hated when people have no idea what they're talking about, and choose to talk anyways. I wasn't going to be that person.

  3. That reminded me of a Panic At The Disco song.
    "if you talk it, you better walk it, you better back your shit up"
    Sorry- know that im going to see them live, I hardly think about anything else. Haha :D