Sunday, December 21, 2008

So I guess it's time for a real blog entry that isn't two sentences.

Christmas is almost here. Are you guys excited? What are your plans? Anything in particular you want?
I remember being seven years old and wanting Legos.
I never got them.


  1. i'm still waiting on that pony i asked for...

  2. Well I don't celebrate Christmas.
    But I know I want so many things.
    It's hard just to choose one. (:

  3. Well, besides peace on earth and goodwill to mankind...I want to feel useful; to be appreciated, creatively driven, and loved unconditionally...sorry, but I just spent six hours with my family of origin, and now I remember why I went to therapy for years...god, some of my relatives are so awful--their priorities are so messed up; at least in my humble it too much just to ask to be loved and accepted for who I am? Oh, I wouldn't mind an Iphone...

  4. It's going to be an interesting Christmas for me. First of all I'm in a country that doesn't celebrate Christmas & second of all it's going to be snowing so it'll be my first white Christmas. Not gonna get my hopes up for presents because I'm probably not going to get it.. :/
    ^Oh & agreeing with above- I want to be accepted for who I am. & stop being judged by my family!

  5. Happiness. A new warm hoodie. An iPod. That's pretty much it. What do you want?

  6. Aww.
    I might not be getting anything this year, but shockling I don't reall care. I don't really need anythign right now. So its whateves.
    How about you?

  7. I want the feeling in my toes, nose and fingers back.
    And it's not even snowing, ohhhh.